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Main Reasons Behind the Occurrence of Migraine Headache

Migraine is the headache that occurs in the central area of head. Headaches are very commonly noted and you can cure it very simply, but if it is migraine headache then it becomes difficult to treat it. Migraine headaches are very painful than the normal headache. The migraine headaches are caused by the enlargement of the blood vessels in the brain. As these blood vessels enlarge, this leads to the release of the chemicals from nerve fibers around the blood vessels. This causes the pain and the migraine headache is stimulated. This painful headache later on leads to the inflammation and pain. Sometimes even diarrhea is being reported due to the migraines. As per the most of the research studies, women suffer with the migraine more often than men. Even the percentage of the women suffering with migraines is much higher than men.

The main reasons behind the occurrence of migraines headache are as follows:

1. Stress: Nowadays, stress has been one of the main causes of occurrence of migraine. It is due to the stress and tensions that the pressure is being put on the nervous system. The brain performs abnormally due to this. As a result, you ultimately face the problem of the migraine headache. Physical as well as emotional stress is being noted to be the reason behind the occurrence of the migraines.

2. Allergies: Allergies are caused due to the allergens. These allergens put the adverse impact on the nervous system of the person. This way the normal functioning of the brain is disturbed. The blood vessels in the brain get enlarged, which ultimately leads to the pain the head. Thus, the person faces the migraine headaches.

3. Hormonal Changes: The person suffering with the hormonal changes suffers with the migraines more often. Fluctuations in the estrogen level triggers the migraine headaches in the women and fluctuations in the testosterone level trigger migraine headaches in men. The migraine headaches due to the hormonal changes are found more commonly among the women than men.

4. Certain medications: The intake of the some medicines is being found to be the cause of the migraine headaches. The medicines that disturb the hormonal balance in the body are noted to cause migraine headaches. Some antibiotics and hormone supplements are the type of medicine that may cause migraine headaches.

5. Drinking Alcohol: The habit of excessive drinking of alcohol is one of the reasons behind the occurrence of the migraines. The alcohol stimulates the blood flow to the head. This puts the extra pressure on the blood vessels in the head. So, they enlarge out of limit and the person starts feeling the pain in the head.

6. Smoking: Smoking has got the stimulating property. The person feels the stimulation after smoking a cigarette because its active constituent tobacco increases the blood flow to the brain. This increased blood flow puts the pressure on the walls of the blood vessels. This makes the pain to arise. Thus, the person faces the problem of the migraine headache.

7. Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep causes migraine headache. Lack of sleep can be due to the sleep Apnea or may be due to the tensions and stress. Some times sleep apnea is being noted due to the obesity. If you don’t get sleep your brain doesn’t gets the enough rest and it gets overworked. This puts the pressure on the entire mechanism in the brain. In this process, even the blood vessels are stressed, which leads to their enlargement. This results into the pain in the brain.

These are the most commonly noted reasons behind the occurrence of migraines.

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How to Stop Migraine Headaches - Get Fast Relief For the Pain

Migraine headaches can be a big pain and they can ruin your day in a matter of minutes. They sometimes leave you feeling tired and not hungry. But whatever the case is migraine headaches can be cured naturally. You do not need to go to the doctor to get rid of the pain. And there is no need to take any kind of medication either. You can actually stop the pain by easily following a few tips.

There are certain foods which can trigger migraine headaches quite easily. So it will be in your best interest to stay away from them. They include dairy products and alcoholic beverages. If you want the awful pain associated with migraines to be gone then you need to stay away from these products. Now it does not mean that you are not allowed to enjoy these but you should only take in little amounts each time. Once you cut back on these products you will notice a big difference with pain. Another way that you can easily stop migraine headache pain is apply a hot cloth to the affected area. What this will do is create better circulation. And that is a crucial step to stop the tension and stress.

So by following a few tips like these you will be well on your ways towards getting rid of migraine headaches. You do not need to keep feeling pain instead all you need to do is follow a few easy tips. No one needs to live in pain.

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Migraine Explained

Migraines usually appear within one year older and nothing very painful headache as a headache it usually will pass after taking some painkillers. Sometimes they will last several days, but usually for a few hours but may be so painful that the victim should go to bed. Once the attack is over, the victim still feels exhausted and can not do anything for a while.

Some people are happier than others and can have a couple of attacks per year, while others have one or more times per month. These headaches go hand in hand with dizziness, sensitivity to light, and chills, which are also symptoms of other common diseases. What is not understood is why migraine can begin at the age of ten, but usually stop before someone reaches the age of forty years in almost all cases, however, attacks usually diminish or end in adult life usually once the person has more than 50 years of age.

Members of a family are often the curse of migraine and did not appear to have a hereditary link, also the date however, no definitive, confirmed the hereditary cause has yet been found.

Victims may acquire a sensitivity to a medical condition that causes inflammation in blood vessels and nerves near the brain, leading to pain. More women suffer from seizures and covering 75 per cent of reported cases, which can have a chance to eight per cent of the overdue time with the problem.

Before a migraine attack, some people have a separate warning called an aura that usually precedes a migraine from anywhere between ten and thirty minutes.

Although the exact reason why some people suffer from migraine still eludes medical science, the theory that the narrowing of blood vessels in the brain is the closest we have come to discover a cause migraines. If blood vessels enlarge and then suddenly, it can cause severe headaches, and those affected say the headache is often so intense that it regularly prevents normal daily activities and even keep awake May.

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